Take-out Menu

Enjoy fresh french food at home. Order from our to-go selection.

Feeling like dining in? Then check out our Lunch & Dinner menus!

The Café also offers take-out or curbside food pick-up.

Warm or cold.

You can order everything from the Lunch menu or the Dinner menu.

Additional easy to warm-up dishes available below:

SPAETZLE CASSEROLE - For one 15.00 | For TWO 25.00

Alsacienne: ham, onion, cream and cheese
Spinach, mushroom, cream and and cheese
Spaetzle du jour: see special of the day (dinner only)

boeuf bourguigNON - 30.00

Quart. Serves 2 to 3. 

Spaetzle plain - 20.00

Quart. Nice side for the Boeuf Bourguignon.

Whole quiche- 20.00

Lorainne or selection of the day

Chicken salad - 10.00


Baguette - 3.00
Pâté du Chef - 16.00

1/2 lb


Pre-order via phone, or walk in.
Pay over the phone, inside the Café or from your car with our mobile credit card terminal.

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